NEW DOG – Classic Ballroom Dances

October 31, 2014

Další vinyl na LOKAL REKORC bude LP “Classic Ballroom Dances” od NEW DOG, což je Anar Badalov (ex – Travels, Metal Hearts). Vydání desky můžete podpořit na základě MANIFESTU a můžete si poslechnout jednu ukázku – písničku “Love”.

The next release on LOKAL REKORC will be a debut LP by NEW DOG. Anar Badalov (ex – Travels, Metal Hearts) is the man behind NEW DOG and this is what he has to say: “In February 2005, I put out my first album (“Escapists”) with Metal Hearts. Ten years and seven albums later, here is Classic Ballroom Dances. The title was inspired by the beautiful poem of the same name by Yugoslavian poet Charles Simic. He’s said that list poems like Classic Ballroom Dances are ´the poetic equivalent of quilt-making. One cuts the patches into signs and symbols of one’s own cosmology, then one covers oneself with it on a cold winter night.´ Long before I read this poem or heard of him, this was the way I approached songwriting. I’d like to think that at least a handful of songs on this album capture something like what Simic is talking about. The others are still short, frozen moments in time. I’m really proud and excited to be releasing this one with the kind and like-minded group at Lokal Rekorc.”
You can participate – check out MANIFESTO!